Sunday, February 12, 2012

Growing Up

I promised to back-track a little bit to catch you up on the last 3 months.  Here are some pictures to show you how big the "baby boys" are getting.  I guess I can't really call them babies anymore, they both just turned 2!  I'm enjoying their grown up versions, even though they are both definitely two.  Apparently the terrible 2's are multi-cultural.  These two can throw some pretty impressive fits to get their way.
Sometimes they wear funny clothes.  This day was really cold so Angel had 3 different outfits on.  He was not amused, he couldn't really move his arms enough to get his sippy cup to his mouth.
 Alexis got a superman outfit for Christmas.  What you can't see is that under the costume he has on khaki pants with a belt and a button-down shirt.  Very fancy.
 They are learning how to eat themselves.  It's very messy.
Alexis is huge.  He can usually eat two plates at lunch.
 Alexis is figuring out that blocks are for building, not for throwing.
Angel is learning how to play with play-doh and not eat it.

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