Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking the Silence

It's been 3 full months of silence on here.  Today is the day to break it.  I haven't written because I knew this post was the next one, and it scared me to write it so I just didn't.  I am very skilled at avoiding things I don't want to talk about.  But it is time.  7 weeks from today, or in 49 days, on March 30th, I am moving back to the United States.  Let me start by reassuring you that I am fine, my family is fine, and everyone here in Mexico is fine.

And now the hard part, explaining.  Ultimately, I was not able to raise all of the funding that I needed to stay in Mexico.  This is by no means a slight to my team of financial supporters, who gave generously above and beyond their means in support of what God is doing through Back2Back in Monterrey.  In August I did not have enough in my support account to be paid in September, and God moved in my team of supporters to provide the funds for me to stay in Mexico for an additional 7 months.  This winter I was faced with the decision of whether or not I wanted to return to the States to try and raise additional fundraising, or if it was time for me to return to the States for good.  I prayed, and then talked with my family, friends, and my bosses.  What initially looked like a frustrating and sad situation has turned in to an opportunity for me to return to the States and pursue my masters degree in social work.  And so that is what I am doing.

I will be staying with my parents in Cincinnati through the summer to re-adjust to life in the States and to save up money for school.  And in August I will be headed to graduate school, hopefully in Indianapolis.  Right now I'm waiting on acceptance letters from several schools and furiously searching for scholarships because graduate school is expensive and working as a missionary doesn't exactly have me rolling in all kinds of extra cash.

I have mixed feelings.  I am 100% confident in this decision, and I have full faith that God knows what he's doing with me.  There are many things I am excited about returning to in the States, and things I am sad about leaving in Mexico.  I have started to think about what it means to leave the children's home I work in, Del Norte, and especially little Angel, but that just results in tears so I am not thinking much about that yet.  And so for the next 7 weeks I will do my best to blog often.  To fill you in on all of the really cool things that have happened over the last 3 months, to process the transition of leaving full-time ministry, and to remember my last few weeks here in Mexico.  If you have more questions for me feel free to send me an email at or message me on facebook.

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  1. Will be praying for you Mindy! Many blessings in the next step of your journey. :)