Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Story Writing

In 16 days I will be leaving Mexico and moving back to the United States of America.  A lot of people have asked how I will possibly be able to leave this little boy, my baby Angel, Angelito, guapito, and all the other little nicknames he has.  It's going to be hard, I know that.  I've had the last 3 months to pray and process and ask God what in the world he's up to with this.  I ended up stepping into a role very much like his mother, so having to leave him doesn't make sense to me.  2 weeks ago I was working with a wonderful group from LifePoint Vineyard who spoke some truth and light into the situation.  God, the great story weaver, is writing Angel's story.  From 11 months to 2 and a half, I got to be a big part of his story, and I believe what I invested in him will change his future.  But his story does not end when I leave.  I am not the great healer, the great counselor, or the great father.  I am not what is going to save Angel, God is.  God is just beginning to reveal the story of Angel's life.  Maybe I'll re-enter the story later, maybe I won't.  Maybe I'll get to see where it leads, maybe this will be the last I ever hear or see of him.  But I know God is writing a great story for him, and only in Eternity will I get to know the scope of my role in his story  God is also writing my story, and this is a big and important part of it, but not the end of it.  It's a chapter, a part of the story, that will form and influence another chapter.

Practically, I know he lives in a children's home that takes good care of him.  I know he has a sponsor through Back2Back's child sponsorship program who is invested in him and praying for him.  I know that David, another B2B staff member, really loves him and his brother Ramiro and will look out for them just like I have.  It's still hard, but when I think about the potential of his story, and the knowledge that people are looking out for him, it's okay.  Sometimes I am even excited because I can imagine some pretty big and exciting this for his future.  That being said, I'm still processing it and I'm guessing that I'm not going to feel like discussing it right when I move back to the States.  So if I don't answer your questions about him, you'll know why.  And you can pray for him, and for me, and for every other person who is going to be a party of his story.