Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas at Del Norte

It's weird to write about Christmas on Valentine's day, but I'm backtracking still so be patient.  Christmas at a children's home is an interesting thing.  There are a lot of local schools/churches/businesses who want to do something generous for the holiday season.  It's a great idea, but sometimes the reality of it gets a little bit crazy.  There is usually one or two groups coming to the children's home every day for a whole month.  And usually each group brings cake, soda, candy, and presents.  So for a whole month the kids are on a sugar/present high.  It can feel overwhelming and isn't healthy for the kids, but they love it.  What kid wouldn't want 30+ presents and cake and soda every day for a month!  Here are a few pictures from this Christmas. 
 Angel looks very handsome in his Christmas sweatshirt, which lights up and plays music.  
 Ricardo's shelter sponsor sent him Spiderman action figures.  Super cool.
And the sugar high begins... 
 I like Ximena's sneaky face, she totally got busted licking icing off of all the cupcake wrappers.
 Edgar's smile gets super cheesy after lots of sugar.
 It was Natanael's first Christmas at the children's home.  He loved all the treats.
 More cupcakes please!
 Rosa's shelter sponsor sent her a journal and barbies.
Alejandra had a friend send her crafts, coloring stuff, and fun hair accessories.  It was perfect timing, she got her present and then had to stay home from school sick for a few days so she had lots of new things to play with.
I made a Christmas ornament for every kid in the children's home with their picture in it.  But instead of putting them up in the children's home I saved them to give to the kid's families.  Every kid has some relative in their lives and went home for a week for Christmas.  So their family members got a little gift too, and for many of them it's the only picture they have of their child from the whole year.  One of the moms that I know well has 7 children at Del Norte.  I just happened to be there when she came to pick up her kids, so I got to give her all of the picture ornaments.  She was so excited to have new pictures of all of her kids!

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